Ole Smoky Apple Pie Tennessee Moonshine with Virginia

Another Ole Smoky. Found this at Calgary airport, where longtime readers will know we find a lot of small tasters. This little guy was waiting at the counter and couldn’t be passed up.

Of course, since presentation and taste have almost nothing to do with each other, this might look cute, but it tastes like someone got extremely angry at some rotten apples.

Ole Smoky’s original straight 100 proof moonshine is rough enough, but if this flavoured mess is any indication, you can probably avoid the “hunch punch lightning” and Harley Davidson offerings. Unless maybe you need your hunch punched or like the taste of motorcycle. Here’s what we thought:

Simon – apple foot? old dead apple in the sun
Virginia – sewage, basement apples

Simon – fake apple & vomit
Virginia – oversweet apple pie left out

Simon – cheap burn, oily
Virginia – ear poison

Simon – no
Virginia – bad sweet sugar water, schnapps rinse

Simon – 0/10
Virginia 0/10

Ole Smoky Apple Pie Tennessee Moonshine – 35% 50ml – $5.95 – Tennessee

Try it? Do not. Buy it? No don’t.

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