NWT Brewing Company Kicksled Cream Ale

Another road trip, another capital city, another local brew! This time it’s Yellowknife’s own NWT Brewing Company and their Kicksled Cream Ale. I didn’t track down any interesting northern critter meat, but I was lucky enough to be there on cheap burger night at the Woodyard, the restaurant attached to the brewery.

What’s a kicksled? It’s like a dogsled with no dogs. You power it with your own desire to not be cold. Wikipedia says it’s Scandinavian but I think they’re probably a thing anywhere you get a lot of snow. Just like beer!

nose – clean, slight malt, no hop

neat – similar to a mass market beer but no funk/skunk/mass nastiness. very clean, despite slight haze in beer. a little bite, very refreshing

finish – nothing left on the palate except slight carbonation

overall – 7.8/10 not much depth but extremely sessionable

NWT Brewing Company Kicksled Cream Ale – 5% 20ibu – $8.50/16oz – Northwest Territories

Try it? Yes. Buy it? If you’re there!

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