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Mill Street Brewery Vanilla Porter with Ryan

Reviews with Ryan

IMG_9839A quickie beer post.

Mill Street Brewery is a Toronto success story. In 11 years, they’ve expanded from a Distillery District brewery to four brewpubs in 2 cities, with their dozen or so varieties available across the province and winning awards across the country.

We’ve discussed what makes a porter or stout a porter or a stout in a previous post so I won’t get into that again. Sufficed to say it’s dark and tasty. If you’re looking for something festive-y without buying into the Santa/Jesus Industrial Complex or paying the “derp I put it in a box” premium, this is a good choice. Here’s what we thought:

Ryan – almond, hops
Simon – vanilla, cocoa, cherries

Ryan – milk chocolate, not complex
Simon – purple/grape, not as thick as expected, bean

Mill Street Brewery Vanilla Porter – 5% 440ml – $2.90 – Ontario

Try it? Yes. Buy it? Yes.

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