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This is the entry level Jura, and it fits the line to a T.  By the way, its totally fine to buy a Jura based solely on the bottle shape and the detail in the packaging.

Updated: This is a pretty empty review, so we got Matt to add his notes on this. Man, this review is so old it’s missing most of the important categories and we drank it with ice! Dayum.

Matt – glenfiddich solera, sherry notes

Dan – maple, very smooth.  apple, spicy, foral & crisp.
Simon – orchard/trees, light smoke, corn syrup, delicate on the tongue.
Matt – smooth, good introductory scotch, no aftertaste, gentle

With ice: smoother, and pushes taste to back of tongue.

With a splash: heat & wood.  very delicate, hard to be specific.
Matt – same, just less so.

Jura Origin 10y – 40% 750ml – $47.95 – Islands

Try it? Yes.  Buy it? Definitely.

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