Johnnie Walker Gold Label Reserve with Brad, Chris & Junior

Once again, video to start!

Johnnie Walker Gold Label Reserve is yet another colour entry in the Johnnie Walker line. What makes it Gold? Why is it Reserved? Is it better than Johnnie Walker Brass Label Unlimited? Who knows!

Simon – mild mash, “goldish” i guess, eggs, honey
Brad – very subtle, hint of alcohol, shaving cream, barbasol, but not much
Chris – delicious, butterscotch, caramel, faint
Junior – smells sweet, makes me think of pumpkin patch

Simon – honey & burn, good but light, not much going on
Brad – top of the mouth, more of the ewok/peaty feel, what i imagine scotch tastes like
Chris – eyes water, strong caramel taste
Junior – smooth, feeling back of throat, can feel it in the mid chest, apples?

Simon – excellent on breathing out, tongue a little scorched
Brad – not a burn but a residue in the back of the throat, i burped and liked it
Chris – abruptly ends, rough, sweet
Junior – doesn’t taste long for taste to clear, isn’t over-powering

Simon – maple syrup smell but falls apart, very mild
Brad – definite enhance, rounder at the edges, warms me up
Chris – werther’s original
Junior – felt on tongue, honey taste a little bit

Simon – 7/10
Brad – 8/10
Chris – 6/10
Junior – 6/10

Johnnie Walker Gold Label Reserve – 40% 50ml – $88.45 – Scotland

Try it? Yes. Buy it? No.

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