Johnnie Walker 18y Ultimate with Brad, Chris & Junior

Going to kick it off with the video review again:

Here’s the written review. Not too much more I can say about Johnnie Walker, other than that this is the 18y and it is apparently the Ultimate but also demonstrably not ultimate expression of Johnnie Walker.

Simon – baby powder, honey lozenge, nail lacquer, mild
Brad – gym socks, not aggressive, warm
Chris – delicious but faint, how whisky should smell, manly
Junior – like a cold day, very strong smell, smoky

Simon – light & bright, almost a honey liqueur
Brad – more alcohol, fake vanilla, chemical
Chris – smoothest whisky, honey, caramel, hint of moss
Junior – very strong, not smooth, i can feel it in my forehead? it’s like i drank a burnt log

Simon – stings the lips, chest warmth, short
Brad – quick, dies out
Chris – short, slight burn, bitter
Junior – coughed, felt warm around the face

Simon – bigger, better, sweeter, more open, chest warmth
Brad – burnt nose, more vanilla, rounded out tho
Chris – spicy candy, can drink all day
Junior – smells like honey, tastes like honey, very smooth

Simon – 7.6/10
Brad – 5/10
Chris – 8.5/10
Junior – 7/10

Johnnie Walker 18y Ultimate – 40% 750ml – $150.20 – Scotland

Try it? Yes. Buy it? No.

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