Jim Beam Devil’s Cut with Krystal, Dan, Ryan, Alex & Eddie

IMG_7593On the eve of the good day, we tried a bad bourbon. A bad bourbon with very good marketing.

If the label and media is to be believed, there are two endearingly- and juxtaposedly-named losses during the aging of whiskey. The Angel’s Share is the portion of the whiskey lost to evaporation (or a fungus), and the Devil’s Cut is that which is taken up by the wood. (would be good to note that while angel’s share seems to be a common turn, devil’s cut seems to specifically refer to this bourbon.) Anyway, the pitch is that Jim Beam Devil’s Cut is the stuff they’ve managed to get back from the barrel. OooooOOOOoooo.

Doesn’t really stand up to the hard stare – 1) this is only $3-4 more expensive than the White Label, so I don’t think it’s a reverse osmosis negative pressure extraction thing. It is higher proof tho. Maybe they gave the barrel a squeeze. And 2) it’s… the *Devil’s* Cut. If you believe in a personified Satan why would you take their share? Must be solely for bad-ass atheists. Here’s what we thought:

Krystal – like merlot
Dan – something spicy/savory, cinnamon hearts, smells like crack
Simon – honey, slight charcoal
Ryan – cheap bourbon, sugary sweet smell
Alex – more spicy
Eddie – sweet smell, cork, oak, musty

Krystal – spicy coca-cola, licorice, light
Dan – spicy coca-cola, hovering and numbing on tongue
Simon – sweet burn, dr peppery, anise
Ryan – nothing overly spiced, a little spice top of the mouth
Alex – spicy, lingers
Eddie – sussex golden ginger ale, anise, plain on tongue

Krystal – no. not at all. chemical, cleaner, acetone.
Dan – spicy still, unbalanced
Simon – oak, caramel but off. no.
Ryan – n/a
Alex – chemicals brought out
Eddie – spiciness gone, just bad

Jim Beam Devil’s Cut Straight Bourbon Whiskey – 45% 750ml – $26.95 – Kentucky

Try it? Nah. Buy it? No.


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