Innis & Gunn Original in a can

IMG_3900Let’s call this a PSA.

Loyal readers will know I’m a big fan of most of Innis & Gunn’s cask-aged beer.  I think they were the first non-whisk(e)y thing I posted about on the site, because they taste great.  But they’ve always been a little expensive, clocking in at around $60.00 for a case of bottles.  They launched a 750ml bottle, which is basically a nap in a jar – Innis & Gunn gets pretty skunky if you leave it open, so you’re drinking the whole thing.  And at 6.6%, well, you gotta be a pretty professional drinker not to get a little fuzzy.

Anyway, tasty but expensive, partly because of the cost of the container.  So I&G have given us a 500ml tallboy aluminum can.

And it kinda sucks.  It tastes completely different than out of a bottle or glass.  I tried first straight from the can because I am super duper classy, and did not enjoy the experience.  Ryan pointed out that you shouldn’t ever really drink from a can (think of those British beers with the keg-action widgets bouncing around in them – you have to pour the beer out to get the “correct experience”), so I poured it into my I&G footed pilsner glass.  It improved slightly, but it still tastes quite metallic and not the same as the bottled kind.

The difference is noteworthy, so here’s the note.

Innis & Gunn Original – 6.6% 500ml – $2.95 – Scotland

Don’t buy it in a can.

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