Innis & Gunn Limited Edition Highland Ale with Dan, Goran & Steve

IMG_7699Always a good day when a new Innis & Gunn shows up at the LCBO. And as much as we curse the Box Tax, they sure help take a decent picture.

This time around it’s the Limited Edition Highland Ale, a golden brew steeped for 30 days with oak from a “famous” highland 18y single malt scotch barrels. They used to say in, but that was several new markets ago. It is an odd one, however, as there doesn’t seem to be an entry for Highland Ale on the website, only one for Highland Cask. It seems to match the same specs, but who knows. Maybe the name was taken when they got to the Canadian market, or maybe “cask” implies something more legally specific than the Innis & Gunn patented and trademarked Oakerator machine. Either way, the Ale appears in their online store from which I wish I could order one of everything. Here’s what we thought:

Dan – quite brown
Simon – deep golden brown
Goran – not that brown, copper blond
Steve – amber

Dan – green grape ish malt
Simon – ale, whisky, fruit punch, cherry, grape
Goran – sweet pilsner
Steve – grapes, labatt 50

Dan – crisp apple, malty woody caramel
Simon – sweet, not much whisky, creamy, smooth, candied, slight smoke
Goran – almost not carbonated, dry, malty
Steve – grapes remain, good but odd, no excess carbonation, nice

Dan – long, bitter and sweet
Simon – clean, simple, still sweet, yeast
Goran – some caramel, little bitterness
Steve – wine beer?

Dan – 9.5/10
Simon – 7/10
Goran – 9/10
Steve – 7/10

Innis & Gunn Limited Edition Highland Ale – 7.4% 330ml – $5.95 – UK

Try it? Yes! Buy it? Hard to recommend at the price.

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