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Glenmorangie 12y Lasanta with Dan

Reviews with Dan
Single Malt

Okay.  Last of the Glenmorangies.  Pretty sick of typing Glenmorangie.  Only 5 minutes left to get this post up so here goes.

Lasanta aged in sherry casks. Which means I probably won’t like it.  And I didn’t.

dan – burn, thick church wine, molasses, grape
simon – cocoa, grape, pear

dan – no thanks. burnt licorice. lots of burn. coffee eventually
simon – a lot of flavour. dry. mushrooms, nuts

dan – weird, really dry whit wine, nuts, stale, burnt coffee
simon – kool-aid powder, bad mouthfeel & after taste

Glenmorangie 12y Lasanta – 46% 50ml – ?? – Highlands

Try it? No.  Buy it? No.

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