Glenfiddich 15y Solera with Dan

IMG_20151126_191532Another Glenfiddich! Not very often we get a new one of these core brands. Usually because they’re not cheap OR very exciting, really. The problem with a long standing, consistent brand is they do their best to stay in their own lane.

This Glenfiddich is the 15y Solera. The Solera refers to their “Solara Vat Process” which seems to be their use of three kinds of barrels during aging. Part of the main product line, the Solera suggests a connection to Spainish & Portuguese sherry casks, similar to their 21y “Gran Reserva”. Multiculturalism just works, people. I’ve written a bunch on these guys already, so here’s what we thought:

Dan – bong alcohol leftovers, from cleaning the bong
Simon – 70s office orange-brown

Dan – rich spiced pear and caramel
Simon – thick oak floorboards, deep rug, hunting lodge

Dan – spicy, cant taste anything else, pungent wood
Simon – sharp, nougat, caramel syrup, too spicy

Dan – numbing & fruity
Simon – tingle, long, cough syrup

Dan – creamy caramel & malt, spice still quite present
Simon – sweeter, calmer, beach & lake weekend

Dan – 6.30/10
Simon – 7/10

Glenfiddich 15y Solera – 40% 750ml – $76.95 – Speyside

Try it? Yes. Buy it? No.

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