Forty Creek Premium Barrel Select with Dan & Ryan

Oh man. Forty Creek – a blast from the past.  You might be asking, dude, why? Why? WHY? It has at least three strikes: “Canadian Whisky” (which as we know is a moniker with some serious credibility issues), twist-off top, “premium” in the name.

This was Dan’s go-to whisky for forever before we started this site.  This was what we drank at Dan’s place, at parties, etc, so we thought it would be… informative? Interesting? To come back to it with more experienced palates and give it a proper going over.

Dan – alcohol, caramel, coca-cola
Simon – toffee, caramel, ethyl alcohol
Ryan – alcohol, caramel, werther’s original, old flat soda

Dan – lots of alcohol, coffee shop caramel shot, thick
Simon – bitter burn, unpleasant
Ryan – alcohol, attacks the tongue

Dan – hard bitter wood, oak?
Simon – metallic
Ryan – copper

Forty Creek Premium Barrel Select – 40% 200ml – $7.95 – Canada

Try it? No. Buy it? For mix only.

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