Dead Crow Bourbon Beer with Matt, Dan, Brian & Al

thisoneHat-tip to Colin for pointing me in the direction of Dead Crow Bourbon Beer. Not necessarily a ringing hat-tip, but a good lead nonetheless.

Dead Crow Bourbon Beer is a… drink from a UK beverage company in Gloucester called SHS Drinks, whose motto is “a thirst for creating great brands”.

Not “drinks”, “brands”. There’s no information on how they make this stuff anywhere, but in some other markets the bottles have the word “flavoured” on the label. I don’t know if that means an actual shot of (some non-specified) bourbon, but I’m pretty sure it doesn’t mean bourbon barrel aging, or they would have said so. There’s a rum flavoured Dead Crow as well, excuse me I just threw up in my mouth typing that. These are the people who make Woody’s drinks so if that’s your jam, give this a go.

Because the official literature is thin I had to going digging a bit, and came across a number of reviews and none of them are kind. I think our scores end up being pretty generous given what other people have to say about this stuff. Here’s what we thought:

Matt – sweet, melon, honeydew
Dan – candied cherries
Brian – too flavourful
Simon – sweet, apricot
Al – nectar

Matt – very sweet, cooler-like
Dan – not what i expected, wine-cooler
Brian – cooler
Simon – soda pop, “drank”
Al – candy

Matt – clean, off the palate
Dan – stonefruit
Brian – clean, aftertaste is better, almost cidery
Simon – fruit, lingering sweet
Al – pretty clean

Matt – 4/10
Dan – 6/10
Brian – 4/10
Simon – 4/10
Al – 5/10

Dead Crow Bourbon Beer – 5.5% 330ml – $8.95 – England/USA

Try it? Sure, at a barbeque. Buy it? If you like radlers or shandies.

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