Danfield’s Private Reserve Small Batch with Ryan & Goran

IMG_7579Just a quick entry in our ongoing series of budget reviews.

But, you guys just did a Macallan tasting, you might say, if you were paying attention. And Yeah, I’d say, we did. It was free.

This is Danfield’s Private Reserve. It’s made by Williams & Churchill. They’re either from Lethbridge, Alberta or Valleyfield, Quebec. And that’s about all I can tell you, they have no web presence whatsoever. Here’s what we thought:

Ryan – inside of pvc pipe, pleasant copper smell
Simon – hairspray, new plastic
Goran – caramel, nail polish

Ryan – not garbage, sugar
Simon – fake sugar, sweet
Goran – chocolate, little burn

Ryan – nothing
Simon – pop, 7up
Goran – diet soda

Danfield’s Private Reserve Small Batch – 40% 750ml – $26.25 – Canada

Try it? No. By it? eh, for mix? otherwise very loudly no.

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