Buffalo Trace Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey with Dan

Yay! More bourbon! Weird name tho, I don’t know how you trace a buffalo.  This appears to be a case of giving the marketing people free license – Buffalo Trace Distillery sits on an ancient buffalo migratory path and may be the oldest (non-continuous) liquor production site in the USA. But only if you count the previous brands and distillers that had set up shop there, as Buffalo Trace has only been produced since 1999.  Altho if they were smart they’d call that “the turn of the century” to build on the whole rustic… I dunno, Y2K time period thing.

Anyway, stupid fake history aside, it’s a pretty good bourbon.  Here’s what we thought:

Dan – smokey vanilla, wood, peach
Simon – leather, ethyl, corn syrup, nectarine

Dan – tastes bright, smooth syrup-iness, wood aftertaste
Simon – buttery, burnt wood, sugar. low burn. lingers a bit too long.  like Werther’s Original

Dan – cuts the burn, less creamy. smoked maple.  better without splash
Simon – slight brine, or like a caramel Curly Wurly

Buffalo Trace Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey – 45% 750ml – $39.85 – USA

Try it? Yes!  Buy it? Yes!

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