Buffalo Trace White Dog Mash #1 with Ryan & Dan

IMG_4505Just a head’s up. After this review, we’re taking a break from un-aged whisk(e)y for a while. A long while. It tends to be the palate equivalent of seeing the sausage being made and I’m kind of tired of paying for that.

Griping done.

You’ve seen the previous article on Buffalo Trace bourbon.  This is an un-aged expression of one of the blends that goes into the casks.  The difference is pretty stark – the more we try new makes the more I’m thankful that coopering is a thing. The wood adds so much to the taste of whiskey that there’s a reason they don’t call new make or white dog whiskey. It just isn’t. It’s moonshine.

Dan – butt-hurt. hurts to smell. corn.
Simon – like someone poured moonshine into Dillon’s White Rye
Ryan – sour.

Dan – licorice
Simon – warm, creamy, all of the burn, rye at end
Ryan – glass of punishment

Dan – unpleasant
Simon – not better
Ryan – awful

Buffalo Trace White Dog Mash #1 – 62.5% 375ml – $29.95 – USA

Try it? NO. Buy it? NO.

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