Bowmore Surf with Dan, Goran, Ryan & Val

Bowmore is one of my favourite scotches.  Peaty and complicated, even the budget 12y tastes amazing given the price on the bottle.  The Bowmore Surf is allegedly not available in Canada – someone brought it to work as a raffle prize and I won it in a Jelly Bean guessing contest (won with math, kids, learn your figures).

I go back and forth on unaged expressions.  Some of the best scotches I have tasted have been what I’m assuming are vintage blends of the same single malt – Jura Superstition comes to mind. But by the same token, there have also been some swamped up swills as well.  This is definitely closer to Jura than the marsh, and I’m always glad to have tasted something that’s less available.

dan – peat smoke, mellow
simon – smoke & bog, burnt wood
goran – peat, chlorine
ryan – peat, leather
val – raspberries

dan – oak, smoke, peat
simon – smoke, oak, leather
goran – herbals, licorice
val – caramel candies

dan – leather, lasting flavour
simon – leather, bbq
goran – leather, lemongrass
ryan – cheesecake
val – flat coke

Bowmore Surf – 40% 1l – ~$60.00 – Islay

Try it? Yes. Buy it? Don’t go out of your way.

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