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IMG_6262It’s pronounced a-nock.

Steph picked this up for me in Montreal, and it’s one that’s been on the to-try list for a while.  We also got to verify the consistency of our tasting experience by staging this over three tastings – me, Goran and Ryan, then Dan, then Steph.  The consistency was a nice affirmation.

anCnoc is a highland whisky which is pretty evident from the taste. The 12y is the youngest expression in the line, but it shows some serious promise for older bottles.

Simon – honey & grapes, tobacco, mild sweetness
Goran – orange, peat, sweet, candy, citrus, burn
Ryan – glenmorangie-esque, mildest peat, lakey, apple
Dan – fruity, citrus, very little burn, honey
Steph – wood fire, cedar, nutmeg, nutty, grandma’s applesauce

Simon – sweet, light, oak, honey, firm fruits
Goran – lots of honey, lozenge, ricola, lemon, earl grey
Ryan – flat on tongue, apple, bergamot
Dan – smooth, all night sipping whisky, small spice, cardamom? bergamot?
Steph – late seasons apple pie pastry, caramel, fudge

Simon – more honey, sweet wash, lingering tingle
Goran – n/a
Ryan – n/a
Dan – mildest smoke ever tasted, wood smoke, no peat only smoke
Steph – more palatable, less burn beginning to end

anCnoc 12y – 40% 700ml – $60.50 – Highlands

Try it? Yes? Buy it? It’s a little expensive.

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