Thornbridge Eldon Oak Infused Imperial Stout with Davey

Thornbridge Eldon Oak Infused Imperial Stout, a Dickensian(*) name to be sure. Thornbridge Brewery is in the UK and the names of their beers seem to indicate an affinity for literature and the arts. I can’t find the Eldon in their beerlist so I’ll have to assume this dark beer makes swarthy reference to the painter on Murphy Brown.

(*) paid by the word/sounds british

Beer typically gets aged IN oak, so like Innis & Gunn I think there’s some creativity going on here to get to “Oak Infused”. I&G have their keggerator or however they spell it, and I’ve found this product that allows you to oak infuse anything you want at home. Leads to some interesting ideas. Physically, chemically it’s the same process – my mind just seems to prefer the image of booze soaking through its barrel to a glass jar of alcohol with a chunk of wood floating in it. I guess the splinter potential is about the same. Here’s what we thought:

Davey – nice, full, with subtle fruity. berry or apple/pear family
Simon – blackcap raspberry & hershey’s yellow tin chocolate sauce, burnt coca cola

Davey – cocoa, coffee
Simon – toasted burnt oats, coca cola, thinner than expected

Davey – bubbly light coffee, like cold americano
Simon – burnt lingers

Davey – 5/10 nice but not again, well made if you like stouts
Simon – 5/10

Thornbridge Eldon Imperial Stout – 8.0% 330ml – $3.70 – UK

Try it? Nah. Buy it? Nah.

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