Saskatoon Sessions: Aberfeldy 16y Single Malt Scotch

Hey all, just back with a quick review – trying to wrap up the Saskatoon Sessions. The calendar got a little away from me, but we had a great time with Brew Donkey and the Rideau Rally, Devin and I had almost 20 beers, all reviewed live on Twitter.  You can go check it out, but apparently Storify isn’t a thing anymore so I haven’t figured out how to publish it yet.

Whatever. We have a stack of reviews done, a stack to do, literally enough for a year. I seem to have a mental block for this project right now, but this best remedy to a block is to smash through it stubbornly and decisively and not worry about root causes or bullshit like that. This isn’t a journal anyway.

ANYWAY. This is the second Aberfeldy we’ve tried. It was good. Here’s some more specific notes:

nose – standard highland scotch – floral with body, wood, earth

neat – nice, rounded, no sharp, light toffee, very little smoke, smooth & simple. maybe 16y is the sweet spot

finish – very restrained, subtle tongue heat, chest warmth has almost a tea feel

splash – very little change, maintains structure & taste opens, this is a proper scotch

overall – 8.1/10

Aberfeldy 16y – 40% 750ml – $99.95 – Highlands

Try it? Yes. Buy it? Yes.




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