Penderyn Merlyn Welsh Cream Liqueur

It’s been suggested by my political advisors that we cool it with the Advent articles for a bit. Doling out reviews for bottles you can’t actually buy every other week for a year potentially reduces the usefulness of the site to other people. Fair dinkum! Here’s something you can purchase, but only in Wales. Oh, and Quebec, but the border’s closed either way.

Penderyn Merlyn Cream Liqueur is another entry in the dairy booze chronicles, which has included Scotch, Irish, Canadian and Bourbon whiskeieyeies. Usually reserved for coffees or apertifs or over ice cream, we tend to review these on a warm afternoon. When you really want a thick booze cream to slug back. Context is everything. I still like my bourbon cream the best tho:

nose – bright and very sweet. something artificial towards fruit almost

taste – more coffee and toast forward than bailey’s or magnum

finish – warm, thick coating on the tongue, almost mint type aftertaste

overall – 5/10 because it can’t overcome the odd artificial smell.

Penderyn Merlyn Cream Liqueur – 50ml 17% – $$$ – Wales

Try it? If you’re a completionist. Buy it? Do not.

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