Johnnie Walker Blue Label with Brad, Chris & Junior

Another Review! Another Video Review!

Finally, the almighty Johnnie Walker Blue. What makes this blend worth over $300 a bottle? Nothing! It isn’t.

Simon – sharp, mashier, honey or caramel on browning apple slices
Brad – mellow, moss, ron swanson in scotland, excited
Chris – faint, wheat field, country, spring day
Junior – little bit of a woman’s perfume, a little spice, pleasant

Simon – sweet, simple, honey, brass, not much going on
Brad – balance, more sweat peat/bog, like an uncle’s breath at christmas
Chris – sharp but smooth, leather dipped in brown sugar
Junior – candied apples, taste is strong, perfume

Simon – burns like you ate a handful of scotch mints
Brad – long burn, back of throat and moves to the chest
Chris – spicy, hot
Junior – hangs around the back of the throat, only a little warmth

Simon – honey mint apple smoke soda, sweet, no burn
Brad – more flavour but i prefer neat
Chris – faint taste of leather
Junior – very smokey, no more perfume, warmer than it was, i feel pleasant

Simon – 7.3/10
Brad – 9/10
Chris – 8/10
Junior – 6/10

Johnnie Walker Blue Label – 40% 750ml – $309.95 – Scotland

Try it? Yes. Buy it? Not at the regular price.

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