Innis & Gunn Strong Beer Collection 2013

igcollectorDudes and dudettes, it’s that time of year again! NO NOT THAT TIME IT’S STILL NOVEMBER. ffs. It’s the new Innis & Gunn Collection time!

Head’s up, I can’t give you the LCBO link because they haven’t updated their website and are still showing 2011’s kit for 2011’s price.

In this kit you get: a kick-ass glass which is even more kick-ass for being exactly the same as the one from last year so you can replace any breakage; the Original (delicious as always); the Treacle Porter (we’ve had the Winter Treacle Porter before, this was good too); and the Bourbon Stout (omg you guys omg). Reviews to follow, and if I think of it I will update this post with those links.  Should do that with the other collection posts too.

Innis & Gunn Strong Beer Collection 2013 – 6.6% & 7.4% 3x330ml – $14.95 – Scotland

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