Highland Park 10y with Dan, Bowick, Ryan & Goran

IMG_6219What a pleasant surprise. Clocking in $15 cheaper than the excellent 12y, the Highland Park 10y is a welcome addition to the $45-60 range. While it tastes young, the pedigree is there. I would give you a link to the specific expression, but their website makes no mention of it.

Dan – peat, coffee, caramel
Simon – light, smoke, tannins
Goran – hint of young burn, chocolate
Bowick – turkish delight
Ryan – peat, vanilla

Dan – light, sweet, very little aftertaste
Simon – sweet, candy to burn, cherry
Goran – suddenly smoke, delicious, thin body, smoke too fenced in
Bowick – peanut butter, nice
Ryan – very light, already splashed, nutty, buttery, burn is right, citrus

Dan – licorice, this is an all-night whiskey
Simon – some spice remains
Goran – n/a
Bowick – n/a
Ryan – n/a

Highland Park 10y – 40% 750ml – $59.05 – Highlands

Try it? Yes. Buy it? Absoutely.

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