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Bushmills Irish Whiskey with Dan & Goran

Pot Still Blend
Reviews with Goran

In celebration of St Patty’s day, the patron saint of hamburgers or somesuch, and also in the spirit of completevism (you get to 50 odd reviews and you start wanting to know the totality of a line), here’s our review of the little brother of the Bushmill‘s line.

dan – berry, wood, honey, sharp smell
simon – candy, apple juice, blackberry, honey
goran – caramel & hazelnut

dan – toffee, honey, caramel. burns. light, doesn’t linger. wood remains
simon – still apple, bright, lots of burn
goran – walnut, toffee

dan – sweetness, bergamot. kind of all over the place. pine/cedar
simon – cedar? good mouthfeel. wood.  flavour has lost structure
goran – very creamy

Bushmills Irish Whiskey – 40% 750ml – $27.95 – Ireland

Try it? If you’ve never had a Bushmills, maybe. Buy it? No, buy Black Bush.

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