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Bruichladdich 12y 2nd Edition

Single Malt

Just a quick review of a surprise scotch I wasn’t expecting to get to try! Had a great dinner with some friends and after some lovely seafood and salad, the host pulled out this little gem of a Bruichladdich. And to add to a great night with great people – they don’t make this scotch anymore, and there’s only about 7 left scattered throughout Ontario.  Quite satisfying to try something you probably won’t be able to find again.

* also got to try out a great 45m Canon lens too!

Here’s what I thought:

Bright, fruit, brine, fig and pear

Light smoke, faint peat, good burn. Treacle. Nice sweetness

Bruichladdich 12y 2nd Edition – 46% 700ml – $67.95 – Islay

Try it? Yes! Buy it? If you can find it!

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