Bowmore 15y Darkest with Ryan

First of the micro reviews.  Not that they’re shorter (they really couldn’t be, I’m phoning this shit in pretty hard already), they’re just reviews of tiny bottles of Bowmore that I got in the Bowmore Collection.

This is the 15y, a sherry cask finished scotch they call Darkest (not Darkness, or The Darkness).  There are actually 2 15y Bowmores, this one, as part of the Core Lineup, and The Laimrig from the Specialist Release line.

simon – oak, grape, cherry, smoke
ryan – wine, creamy, toffee

simon – sherry, caramel
ryan – dried fig

simon – almost soapy, no burn, very smooth
ryan – some burn, lots of wine

Bowmore 15y Darkest – 43% 750ml – $89.95 – Islay

Try it? If you’re a Bowmore fan. Buy it? No.

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