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Benromach Organic Special Edition

Single Malt

The Benromach Special Edition is the only certified organic single malt scotch whisky I’m aware of, based on no research.  Its certification comes from the UK Soil Association, and they use casks made of managed forest lumber.  So, great, right?

If you’re used to brands like Beau’s Beer and restaurants like Hintonburger that use local, certified organic ingredients to make exceptional products, this isn’t that.  The Benromach is largely unremarkable – not bad, but not notable beyond its paperwork. That said, is has been discontinued, so if you get the chance, try it.  Soon you won’t be able to.

Neat: smells light and fruity, oaky.  spicy and a little sweet on the tongue

With ice: surprisingly little change from neat, fairly simple flavour.  Definitely a younger expression.

Benromach Organic Special Edition – 43% 700ml – ?? – Speyside

Try it? Definitely. Buy it? If you can find it and if organic food is important to you.

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