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BattleScotch! McClelland’s Speyside v McClelland’s Islay with Dan, Ryan & Bowick

Reviews with Bowick
Reviews with Dan
Reviews with Ryan
Single Malt

IMG_4738Our 100th post, so it’s time to do something new.

In BattleScotch! we pit two or more bottles related by either obvious elements or esoteric justifications against each other in a rigorous taste-off. Not really, this is just an attempt at a straight forward answer to “Which would you buy?”  We’ll provide the raw data and our conclusions, and maybe any notes we think are… noteworthy. “Reviews you can use”, remember?

Both of these bottles are recent subjects, I’ll link to the Islay and the Speyside here so you can read them for more details on each.

  Speyside Islay
Dan Y X
smell Simon X
Ryan X
Bowick X
Dan Y X
neat Simon X
Ryan X
Bowick X
Dan Y X
splash Simon X
Ryan X
Bowick X

As you can see, we were evenly split on flavour for these two, so it’s being called on the nose for the Islay.  In future, we’ll weight these categories in order: Neat, Smell, Splash.  The flavour is obviously most important; smell is second because not everyone takes a splash.

So there you go. If you find yourself staring at these two bottles at the liquor store, our suggestion would be the Islay.

McClelland’s Islay v McClelland’s Speyside = Islay

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