Guest Review! Auchentoshan Three Wood By Daniel Küpper

Editor’s note: this one came in at the perfect time, another review By Daniel Küpper and this one on Canada Day so I can go party with no interruptions! Thanks, Daniel!




Hi there, Auchentoshan
Nice to meet you

Some whiskys can be found in almost every bar all around the world. Although I did not check it personally, I’m quite sure, that Auchentoshan is not one of those bottles. That’s a little surprising, because the scottish distillery features an impressive range of drams, starting with a pretty straight forward 12 year old whisky, leading to even 21 years or older. Additionally, there are many special aged bottlings, called ‘Heart Wood’, ‘Springwood’, ‘Solera’ or ‘Three Wood’, to name a few of ‘em. I had the honor of meeting a bottle of ‘Three Wood’, which was part of a whisky community membership (you can see, my bottle is branded). This Auchentoshan aged in bourbon casks for ten years, was then filled into Oloroso sherry casks for another two years and finally aged for six month in Pedro Ximinez sherry casks. What a journey!

‘Three Wood’ is a dark looking whisky, deep deep red, almost brown. Auchentoshan uses the same bottle for all of their whiskys, which is pretty unique looking and huge. The nose is sweet and fruity. I smelled for quite a while. Not sharp, a little alcohol, but not too complex. It tastes like it smelled and I was almost overwhelmed by a fruity explosion. I hadn’t expected this dark bottling to be so fresh and fruity, but it is. Oranges, hints of pear, lots of grapefruit and maybe a little bit of blood orange. Thanks to the three different casks, there’s a bunch of other flavors to discover: Cinnamon comes up, sherry is present, raisins, hazelnut and a little honey. The bottle speaks of chocolate, but I never found it. It’s a sweet whisky, but with a bitter finish – which doesn’t last that long. As usual, the bitterness leaves after a second or third sip. As if your tongue gets used to it. And then there’s sweetness.

I can recommend this bottle to everybody who is into tamed and friendly scotch, cause it’s unpeated and has no edges at all. 12 years sure left some spices and oak, but maybe it’s because of the three different casks, that they are not very present. The whisky is not too complex, but still wants to be explored, thanks to the interesting aging process.

Fruit, honey, spices, sherry

Oranges, pear, lots of grapefruit, sherry, oak, cinnamon, raisins, hazelnut, fresh and sweet

Short to medium, bitter at first

Try it? Yes! Buy it? Try it first!

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