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Auchentoshan 21y with Katherine at the Whisky Cafe

Reviews with Katherine
Single Malt

First up at the Whisky Cafe, we opted for the oldest Auchentoshan available.  It had been on Katherine’s list for a while and it seemed like the perfect chance to try it.

Rather than invite judgment, I stuck to neat for all the drinks in Montreal.  I know I’ve said that you should drink your booze however you want, but there’s certain times to pick your battles, and a nice night out with the better half isn’t one of them.

Me: warm smell, oily mouthful, bitter chocolate notes
Katherine: sweet on the nose, flat, low peat, low alcohol, sweet

Auchentoshan 21y – 43% 700ml – $167.00 – Lowlands

Try it? Definitely.  Buy it? Yes.

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