Round 2! Writer’s Tears with Matt & Brian

IMG_7238thisoneRound 2! Where we revisit bottles from the past for another taste and see how they stand up! I got this bottle for Matt’s housewarming… that I missed. But I made sure he got his gift and then drank some of it for him.

Writer’s Tears has been one of my favourite Irish whiskeys since we first had it, despiteĀ the box tax. Here’s the link to the first review if you’d like to check it out, and here’s what we thought this time:

Simon – deep apple press
Brian – tiger eyes
Matt – gold

Simon – sweet cake bubblegum
Brian – not strong, pine
Matt – public swimming pool, frosting, icing sugar

Simon – silky smooth, light apple, well constructed
Brian – pleasant, clean, crisp, chocolatey
Matt – pleasant floral sweetness, burn subtle, nectar

Simon – slight spice
Brian – nice
Matt – hint of lingering burn, tail long but flavour carries it

Simon – 8/10
Brian – 8.6/10
Matt – 8/10

Writer’s Tears Irish Whiskey – 40% 750ml – $47.80 – Ireland

Try it? Yes! But it? Yes!

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