Rodenbach Caractère Rouge Red-Brown Ale with Steve

Another Rodenbach – you’d think we’d learn. There’s even another one waiting in the hopper. Sour beer is gross. It’s just gross.

The Cataract Rogue is a “recognized regional product” is a flavoured Flemish red-brown ale from the Phlegm region of Belgium, home to other Belgian landmarks: Hork, Hock, and Spittle. None of those are facts. Don’t trust us, we’ll steal you wallet.

It’s further flavoured with a mulch of red berries and put through secondary fermentation. Which is probably why it tasted like cranberry vinegar. Here’s what we thought:

Steve – cranberries, cherries
Simon – red fruit jam

Steve – grlichuckvert (gross noises)
Simon – sour and sour. bright, not terrible

Steve – like a cidre, wildberry
Simon – burpy

Steve – 5/10
Simon – 5/10

Rodenbach Caractère Rouge Flemish Red-Brown Ale – 7% 500ml – $8.90 – Belgium

Try it? uh. Buy it? No…

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