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Gibson’s Finest Rare 12y with Davey

Okay… This is a head-scratcher. This might technically be a Round 2, but it’s hard to say. We’ve had Gibson’s Finest 12y before, but it didn’t have the word “Rare” on it, and the LCBO lists the Finest 12y and the Finest Rare 12y as separate listings. But the Gibson’s website lists their “Rare” as 18y, while

Innis & Gunn Rare Oak Pale Ale with Davey

Woohoo! First new Innis & Gunn since September! Innis & Gunn Rare Oak Pale Ale is a weird one for sure. I’m not usually a fan of pale ales due to their typically high hops content – it’s just not a flavour palate I dig. Sort of like my ish with Highlands scotches – I

Gentleman Jack Rare Tennessee Whiskey with Davey & Alex

Gentleman Jack Rare Tennessee Whiskey.  Why is it a Gentleman and what makes it rare? Let’s investigate! The main selling difference between Gentleman Jack and his dirt common cousin regular Jack Daniel’s is a second charcoal filtering. If you believe the marketing, this smooths it significantly, and is noteworthy because Gentleman Jack is the only