Ty·Ku Soju with Davey & Alex

IMG_5945Ty·Ku Soju is an odd one. An Japanese-referencing take on a Korean beverage, made by two American bros. Seriously, they got into this so they could get drunk and “maintain their bodies”, ffs.

Soju itself is an older, weaker whiskey. It uses barley, wheat, rice, sweet potatoes, tapioca, whatever you have in the barn that’s a couple days away from fermenting on its own anyway. The fact it only comes in around 20-25% abv is mostly down to costs, but the lower proof also means it can be sold in more places legally.

Ty·Ku uses this fact to market lower-calorie drinks. If you know chemistry, you know that a mixture that is 20% ethanol to water has half the calories of a mixture that is 40%  So while it’s true that these drinks have fewer calories, you’d also need to drink twice as much to get the same reduction in inner screaming. The calories come more from the mix than the hard liquor, which is why scotch is such a wonderful diet aid.

And you would want to mix this. Here’s what we thought:

Alex – head in freshly cooked rice
Simon – sticky rice
Davey – generic asian fruit

Alex – clean
Simon – not much to it, light
Davey – no taste. good for first timers

Ty·Ku Soju – 20% 750ml – $27.30 – New York

Try it? No. Buy it? Nope.

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