The Lunar Rogue Pub with Hillary

It’s been an interesting spring, and May 2-4 weekend found yours truly ping-ponging around The Drive-Thru Province, traditional home of the Irving family, land of seafood, craft beer and more seafood, New Brunswick.  My local fixer Hillary, political ninja and tour guide to the stars, planned several days of family and friends, seeing sights like The Restigouche River, derelict churches through Jemseg and breakfast at the Cabin. It all culminated in an evening at Fredericton’s destination for whisky dorks, The Lunar Rogue Pub.

Bearing a strong resemblance to the Highlander Pub in Ottawa, and featuring a whisky list so large it needs its own app (available on Google Play and the iStore, of course) the Lunar Rogue was a welcome pause after many miles and pounds of shellfish. To celebrate our first road trip together, a feat managed without killing each other, we figured three new whiskies were the way to go (it only took about 10 minutes to figure out what to order). And we were right twice! Here’s what we thought:


Talisker 25y

nose – steak, bacon, campfire, beach, cool evening, salty, wet leaves

neat – simple, oak, smoke, no spice, light oatmeal, light tobacco (fresh), sausage? mustard brown sugar on ham

finish – light burn, chest warmth, pepper, smoked meat

splash – smoked mustard, smoked salmon bagel, slightly easier, cooler finish than neat

overall – 11/10 fucking amazing

Talisker 25y Single Malt Scotch – 45.8% 750ml – $400.25 – Isle of Skye


Kavalan Fino Sherry

nose – toffee, sherry, dried fruits, currants, punch

neat – very spicy, peppery, poprocks, burnt dried fruit cake

finish – still peppery, significant burn, “like i just licked a battery” – Hillary

splash – anise seed, much better smell, butterscoth, perfume, smoother, mouthfeel like cayenne

overall – 6.7/10 too spicy

Kavalan Fino Sherry – 57.8% 750ml – $329.35 – Taiwan



Woodford Reserve Double Oaked

nose – dr pepper, cherry, coconut, smoked, chocolate bounty bar

neat – sharp at the front, then smooth, smoke & forest glen, fruit trees, “autumn cherry orchard, lots of fruitiness” – Hillary

finish – nice, smooth with heat, chest warmth

splash – slightly sweet, slightly thinner, more tart, shaper longer

overall – 8/10 don’t splash (with a splash 6.5/10)

Woodford Reserve Double Oaked – 45.2% 750ml – $74.65– Kentucky



So please, visit the Lunar Rogue the next time you’re in Fredericton, and sample your brains out. They have food too! But we were there for the drams, and left to find bad donairs as only out east can offer.

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    Greg Zyn

    I love the Lunar Rogue Pub so much! Every time I go to this pub, I have a great time with my friends. The drinks that they offer are fantastic, and the price of the drinks is low, as well. I love being at this pub!

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