Talisker 18y with Katherine at the Whisky Cafe

Second round at the Whisky Cafe, and it was time for a classic, and no binge scotching is complete without a Talisker.

Served from a tiny bottle, the best review I can give to this drink is the first two things out of Katherine’s and my first words: “that’s definitely a Talisker” and “I love this”.  Talisker goes so far beyond normal scotches it’s almost worthy of a category to itself.

Me: wood smoke in the nose, simple, structured taste, smoke + warmth, like gold

Katherine: peaty, salty, low alcohol flavour, spicy, wonderful on the tongue

Talisker 18y – 45.8% 200ml – $77.10 – Islands

Try it? Yes, a thousand times yes. Buy it? At first opportunity.

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