St George Terroir Gin with Mum & Brenna

Two weeks ago we had St George Single Malt California Whiskey, and now we’re following up with their Terroir Gin. Mildly disappointing as I thought this was Terror Gin at first – would that be political? Historical, like the gin carried on the quest for the Northwest Passage? But no, it’s Terroir, so it’s just geographical.

Terroir of course refers to the way specific locales affect flavours – two plants ten feet apart (let alone continents) don’t have access to the exact same nutrients, water or sunlight and so will have slightly different chemical makeup, which will present in taste; from there, head up the food chain. In this case, because gin is just vodka + plants, the specific location presents itself in the botanical notes of the gin. Some people take it a bit further and suggest you’ll likely prefer terroir that is closer to where you live or where you were raised as that will be closest to familiar. Is this true? Maybe; I find most Ontario gin undrinkable, and as we say every week, this shit is so subjective, who even knows. And this is from California so I guess the terroir is wildfires, gunpowder, silicone and sunscreen?

BLAH BLAH BLAH Here’s what we thought:

Mum – lovely, botanical
Simon – booze, cleaner
Brenna – paint thinner, rough

Mum – not bad, not smooth bu aromatic
Simon – woof. juniper
Brenna – fire, cologne

Mum – rough
Simon – burn
Brenna – burning

Mum – smooth
Simon – mild
Brenna – nice with tonic, floral, mild

Mum – 8/10
Simon – 6/10
Brenna – 6/10

St George Terroir Gin – 45% 750ml – $46.25 – California

Try it? Sure, widen your palate. Buy it? Eh…

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