St George Spirits Single Malt California Whiskey in Boston

Oh America. You are in a world of shit these days. Covid, police brutality, protests, that guy you elected, that website he likes, that website he hates, and we’re heading into the traditional crazy weather season despite anthropogenic climate change not being real(*). I feel for all you Yanks, I can’t imagine piloting through the end of days is fun or easy.

Let’s cast our minds back to last year! At the time, we thought things were pretty rough then, too. We were so innocent. And during those more innocent times I took one of my few trips to America that wasn’t largely against my will. Two nights of Phish at Phenway! Uh, (checks notes) I mean Fenway!

Honestly, I talk a lot of shit – you know, you’ve been here before – but it was one of the best road trips. Got to meet some great people, ate some amazing seafood downtown, had an awesome barbeque, and you know your boy loves putting on the miles. I had never been to Boston before (had actually fought to avoid it because I’m a dummy) and I loved it. Architecture, people, food, public transport, it was all pretty great. Hot as shit, tho.

So obviously, with all this Boston talk, this is about California whiskey. St George Spirits Single Malt California Whiskey¬†with an E, artisan distillers from Alameda, California. Which made me want to listen to Screenwriter’s Blues by Soul Coughing because I confused Alameda and Reseda, which are about five and a half hours apart if you happened to be going there to make love to a model. You might be saying to yourself, dude, did you mean Alameda by Elliott Smith and no, I didn’t, because I’ve never heard Elliott Smith on purpose in my life. The 30 seconds I listened to when I hit the wrong link made me think someone had maybe tranquilized G Love & Special Sauce.

Oh, did you come here for whiskey talk? Right.

St George Spirits have been around since 1982, making all kinds of stuff including absinthe. I’d be game for trying anything else they make, especially the weird stuff. You know I like me some weird stuff. Less weird, but up next week, we’ll have their gin, but in the meantime, here’s what I thought:

nose – Sherry, apples, pressed sugar candy, cherry, Bourbon

neat – thinner and light but refreshing. Apples

finish – Clean. Slight heat but very clean

splash – Sharper and more pepper

overall – 7.8/10 and a big thanks to Brennan & his fam for some great hospitality

St George Spirits Single Malt California Whiskey – 43% 500ml – $??? – California

Try it? Definitely. Buy it? If you can find it.

(*) It’s fucking real, dingbats.

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