Proof with The Dan

So, I could (and will) go into detail about the way this Canadian Whisky tastes, but you should know it’s just terrible.  It blends with Canada Dry ginger ale very well for a fantastic Rye & Ginger, but drinking this neat can only be called a mistake.  One that we did anyway, repeatedly, for both our dear readers.

This is a blended grain, containing both rye and wheat.  I don’t know if the grains are blended and then distilled or if its a blend of these whiskies.  Something to look up, although you’ll excuse me if I wait for better inspiration.

Neat: The Dan – dill? harsh.  nail polish remover.  swamp, moss & sulphur. Me – fruit roll-up or generic fake fruit. Nail polish remover & licorice.

With Ice: literally worse.

With a Splash: Also worse.

So, I should fess up and say I bought this bottle because of the bottle.  Searching the internet, looks like I should make the distinction that this is not Pr%f Whisky from Scotland (who are very concerned that you be able to iPad your whisky experience) but Proof Brands Whisky from Toronto (who seem very concerned with all your bar shot bottles looking the same).

Proof Whisky – 42% 500ml – $20.00 – Canada

Try? NO. Buy? for mix, sure.

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