Hard Way Cider Company with Dan

Hard Way Cider Company, located halfway between Kingston & Napanee, up the road from McKinnon Brothers Brewing Company (who we’ll have to check out soon).

I had seen these guys advertise on Facebook (while I was still there – free mental health tip: quit Facebook. free like-your-friends-more tip: quit Facebook. Free stop-participating-in-the-death-of-western-style-democracy: quit Facebook) and several of my friends had reported positively after buying the sample pack. I ordered one, and after some confusion as to who was actually going to deliver the thing and when, two large bottles and four small cans arrived at my door, for $45 bucks plus. Whatever. It’s covid and we’re supposed to support local businesses, right?

And that’s where this is… going to be a little difficult to write. We try to support up and comers, new local brewers, distillers, craft spirit and cider people. But… well, due to the entirely subjective nature of tasting things, not everything is going to work for everybody. And unfortunately these didn’t really work for me. Here’s what Dan & I thought, but the major takeaway for me was my overall note on the Catawampus: I think i’ve been programmed by British ciders to expect something… different than this.

Whiskey Rebellion Bourbon Barrel Aged Cider

smell – apple, booze

taste – like an apple wine. faint wood note, a little light

finish – clean, sweet

overall – wasn’t expecting still cider, main flavours are very mild, just general wine sense, not very much to it 5/10

Hard Way Cider Company Whiskey Rebellion Bourbon Barrel Aged Cider – 750ml 9% – $ – Ontario


Catawampus Flavoured Cider

smell – apple butter, cherry wine, something odd

taste –  very sharp, bright, gala apple maybe, apple tree

finish – clean, slight smoke maybe

overall – i feel like i’ve been conditioned by british cider to expect something else 6/10

Hard Way Cider Company Catawampus Flavoured Cider – 750ml 9% – $ – Ontario



Rogue Triple Barrel Dry Cider Blend

Dan – interesting, light, lavender, swedish berries, tonic water, medicated bitterness, pine
Simon – mint, granny smith, pop, sugar

Dan – sweet, mellow mulled cider, berry cider
Simon – sharp, tart, easy, a bit sour

Dan – that good cider aftertaste
Simon – a little sticky, like eating sourkids

Dan – 7.2/10
Simon – 7.5/10

Hard Way Cider Company Rogue Triple Barrel Dry Cider Blend – 355ml 6.5% – $ – Ontario


Renegade Bone Dry Triple Barrel Cider Blend

Dan – like it from the smell, candied apple, dry white wine, chutney, caramel, smooth, malty
Simon – apple pie, mulled cider, magners-y

Dan – dried supercarbonated cider, wine, orchard cider, red apple crisp
Simon – sharp, bread, wet wood

Dan – intense sweetness
Simon – sours, over carbonated, sulphites

overall – needs ice
Dan – 6.5/10
Simon – 6.5/10

Hard Way Cider Company Renegade Bone Dry Triple Barrel Cider Blend – 355ml 6.5% – $ – Ontario

The overall overall is if you want to support local businesses, support these guys. Just understand that maybe your previous experience with cider won’t necessarily set you up for this.

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