Glynnevan Double Barrelled Rye with Dan, Bowick & Matt M

A new Nova Scotian whisk(e)y (the spelling is inconsistent across their website), I hadn’t heard of Glynnevan before Dan’s friend Matt brought a bottle over.

The Glynnevan Double Barrelled Rye is a genuinely pan-Canadian whisky. Distilled “in the west” and then carted across the country to age next to the sea in the Maritimes. We’ve seen transcontinental blends before, but this is the first intracontinental spirit we’ve tried. …although I guess technically they’re all intracontinental blends, if you want to be pedantic about it. Here’s what we thought:

Dan – cherry confit, maple-ish caramel like crown royal
Simon – rye spice, esters, nectarine, maple syrup
Bowick – permanent marker
Matt M – oranges & caramel

Dan – syrupy, fake caramel, spicy at the back of the tongue, coffee
Simon – spicy rye, well oaked
Bowick – butterscotch
Matt M – caramel, light maple syrup & pancakes

Dan – astringent, long
Simon – rye back, spice & heat
Bowick – sharp burn
Matt M – fresh, light, short

Dan – too sweet, ah caramel
Simon – butterscotch
Bowick – syrup, caramel, butterscotch
Matt M – n/a

Dan – 5/10
Simon – 6.5/10
Bowick – n/a
Matt M – 5.5/10

Glynnevan Double Barrelled Rye – 43% 750ml – $48.75 – Canada/Nova Scotia

Try it? Nah. Buy it? Nah.



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