Collective Arts Artisanal Dry Gin with Brenna & Gill

Another craft gin on our whisky blog – whatever. We’re gonna drink whatever we… chose to afford to drink. Collective Arts Artisanal Dry Gin. As much as we wish Collective Arts, the Hamilton local brewer and distiller well, well… maybe we’re not going to chose to afford their stuff in the future. We tried their Imperial Stout (twice actually, the second one is coming up so uh spoiler alert I guess) and it underwhelmed and honestly so did this.

Mum – nasal clearing, floral
Simon – simple, sharp, perfume
Brenna – medicinal, peppery, geranium

Mum – <face> soap, needs tonic
Simon – <face> cleaner, sharp, chemical
Brenna – <face> soap

Mum – harsh
Simon – burn
Brenna – burning

Mum – not bad
Simon – watered down soap
Brenna – peppercorn

overall – thrills gum
Mum – 7/10
Simon – 5/10
Brenna – 6/10

Collective Arts Artisan Dry Gin – 43.5 500ml – $44.95 – Hamilton, Ontario

Try it? Yeah. Buy it? Nah.

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    Bob Munroe

    I disagree with your conclusion about this interesting gin and have bought it repeatedly. I drink it with Fever-Tree Premium Tonic supporting your notion that it should be enjoyed best with tonic. The flavour is a spicy, unique and very pleasant. I would describe the nose as more of a “candy” that reminds me of the pink and white coating on “Good & Plenty” licorice niblets rather than perfume. I sipped some “neat” after a BLT and It is more complex than many dry gins with cinnamon notes and heat. I will continue to buy it but I will also explore some of your other recommendations for comparison. Keep up your reviews.

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