Cirka Gin375 Montreal Gin

3 years ago, Montreal celebrated its 375iem anniversaire. Cirka, a Montreal distiller, put out this 375ml bottle of Gin375 gin at $37.75 to commemorate the occasion.

It must’ve been so popular that it’s become part of the main offering – they’re still making this “limited edition”. Our bottle was marked 19.001 in handwriting, while the label on the bottle in the image on the Cirka website says 17.001 in typeface, as does the one on the SAQ site. My guess is that’s the year. So this is a review of Cirka Gin375 2019.

I try to always be honest about what makes me buy specific bottles and apart from needing a gift for my mum, in this case it was 100% the label. It’s really well designed and eyecatching, very vintage looking with modern printing. It suits the gin inside for sure, which in this case is Montreal local grains, botanicals and distilling.

nose – cedar & pine, wet forest

neat – oily & sharp, mint, moss or heather, damp wood

finish – deep heat

tonic – stays present, good pine/hop spine to the drink

overall – 7.9/10

Cirka Gin375 Montreal Gin 2019 – 40% 375ml – $37.75 – Montreal

Try it? Yes. Buy it? I mean the edition is limited

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