Boxing Rock Where There’s Smoke Pale Ale with Brad, Matt, Bengt & Ross

IMG_20160715_111008Boxing Rock out of Shelburne, Nova Scotia! My uncle brought this out on a recent visit and dad passed it my way as review stock. I brought it in to work for a little office morale, the first Thursty Thursday of many, hopefully.

The bottle describes the legend of Boxing Rock as a place in Shelburne harbour where ornery sailors were dropped of to sort out disputes. The fact the rock is underwater at high tide is just more motivation.

The Boxing Rock website doesn’t have this beer, but it does show up on Rate My Beer, which talks about beech smoked malt and steeping in cinnamon. Those flavours definitely come through, here’s what we thought:

Ross – amber
Bengt – amber
Matt – amber
Simon – brassy orange
Brad – dark amber

Ross – mild
Bengt – smokey, bleach, fruit, bbq meat
Matt – very mild
Simon – sweet, orange, savoury, bubblegum, meat? slight smoke
Brad – sweet, hint of cinnamon, nutmeg

Ross – strong flavour at the start
Bengt – bbq, acidic, hoppyish, light
Matt – does not match smell, bold at the back of the palate
Simon – not too smoked, odd mouthfeel, bbq chicken, malt, complicated but not layered, a little chaotic
Brad – not getting a lot of smoke but definitely taste the traditional pale ale qualities with sweet, cinnamon

Ross – smokey, ashy lingering aftertaste that builds up
Bengt – chemical/alcohol is obvious
Matt – mild smoke flavour on the tongue, lasts for several minutes on the tongue
Simon – clean, slight odd bittersweet
Brad – doesn’t linger, clean finish

Ross – 6/10
Bengt – 6/10
Matt – 7/10
Simon – 7/10
Brad – 7/10

Ross – wouldn’t want to drink all nigh
Bengt – could only drink one
Matt – very good, I’d buy it
Simon – very complicated
Brad – i would drink this with bbq chicken but probably only 1 or 2

Boxing Rock Where There’s Smoke Pale Ale – 6.5% 1.25l – $ – Nova Scotia

Try it? Sure! Buy it! Support your local for sure.


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