Bearface 7y Triple Oak Canadian Whisky with Steve, Bengt, Brad & Chris

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Bearface is a somehow new 7y Canadian whiskey. I’m being facetious – you can do that by buying other people’s at least 7y whisky. It looks like this company buys, blends and barrels, but I can’t tell exactly how much they do from their very internet website. Said very internet website has one slidey-image-with-words part where they claim to be “obsessively Canadian” but the Italian-Venezuelan master distiller’s Linked-In page says he’s out of San Francisco. And like, no one would give a shit, except they chose to put “Obsessively Canadian” on their website.

According to this interview, said Master Distiller Andres Faustinelli (who personally got a literal fuck-ton of press for this product – like, more than the product) said he likes the freedom of Canadian whisky, its lack of regulations. Which, like, yeah okay. But a larger goal should be easier to hit, shouldn’t it? We saw with last week’s Barnburner that actually yes you can make a palatable Canadian-style whisky that works in mix and costs less than $40. Bearface didn’t land in that column for us.

Simon – wood polish, pink eraser
Steve – like a cleaner, pencil
Bengt – alcohol, honey, molasses
Brad – comes on strong, like an old man’s aftershave
Chris – strong, rubbing alcohol, sweet, hay

Simon – soap, stain
Steve – eraser, watered down, thin
Bengt – hot, cinammon
Brad – caramel, sweet, lots of alcohol
Chris – spicy burn everywhere, grainy

Simon – fireball burn, sweet
Steve – no burn, weak flavour
Bengt – sweet, satisfying
Brad – lingers in the chest – like
Chris – dry and hot

Simon – weird chocolate milk mouthfeel
Steve – wrong pipe coughing
Bengt – candy, better heat
Brad – some of the sting out
Chris – ember after a long night, wheaty, grainy

Simon – 5.7/10
Steve – 6/10
Bengt – 6/10
Brad – 6.5/10
Chris – 6/10

Bearface 7y Triple Oak Canadian Whisky – 43.5% 750ml – $36.95 – Canada

Try it? No. Buy it? No.

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