Barnburner Small Batch Ontario Whisky with Steve, Bengt, Brad, Chris & Junior

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Barnburner Ontario Whisky from Maverick Distillery. This was a sleeper – probably one of the best tasting budget Canadian whiskies I’ve had, and I’m super judgey of Canadian whiskies. Here’s more of what we thought:

Stephan – smells strong, nose tickler, smell the alcohol, not very subtle, coughing from smelling it, a little sweet if you back off the glass, warm, pleasant
Simon – hairspray, thin vanilla, mash, werther’s but also medicinal
Steve – vanilla, dessert
Bengt – isopropyl alcohol, intense, butterscotch
Brad – almost citrus, very bright
Chris – delicious, candy caramel apple

Stephan – smooth, sweet, almost lemon, warm
Simon – thinner, a little cigarette, smooth, better assembled than expected from the smell, not overpowering
Steve – sweet, grass
Bengt – nice, grain, barley, black currant
Brad – smooth
Chris – old fruit

Stephan – all the way to the back but smooth, belly warm, comfortable
Simon – chest warmth lingers, slight lip pucker
Steve – nice, warm
Bengt – smooth
Brad – tails off
Chris – little burn

Stephan – honey, much smoother, sweetness comes thru, gentle, pleasant
Simon – way sweeter, opens up, a little burny, maple sugar candy
Steve – still sweet
Bengt – hotter, dry
Brad – intensify the flavour
Chris – vanilla mixed with cinammon

Stephan – 8.5/10
Simon – 7.9/10 for a Canadian
Steve – 8/10
Bengt – 7/10
Brad – 8.1/10
Chris – 6/10

Barnburner Canadian Whisky – 41.6% 750ml – $31.95 – Ontario

Try it? sure. Buy it? Yes, good example of Canadian but not so expensive you don’t want to mix it.

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