Advent Week 2! Benrinnes 11y, Cameronbridge 27y, Craigellachie 10y, Fettercairn 11y, Glen Elgin 12y, Glengoyne 9y & Glentauchers 10y

Still working my way through the Advent Calendar from That Boutique-y Whisky Company. It was pointed out that maybe publishing 24 different reviews for bottles you can’t buy was less than helpful. A handful of posts to give an overview of what you get in the kit might be a bit better, as would getting them out before the next holiday season. Useful information is also timely, right?

So, here’s the Second Week of Advent – 7 reviews in one! We’ve got Benrinnes 11y Batch 10, Cameronbridge 27y Batch 3, Craigellachie 10y Batch 6, Fettercairn 11y Batch 6, Glen Elgin 12y Batch 5, Glengoyne 9y Batch 4 & Glentauchers 10y Batch 6

Benrinnes is a frequently destroyed distillery in Aberlour in Speyside. There’s some discussion as to whether the frustration of re-rebuilding the distillery comes thru in the flavour – would that be positive? I have no idea.

Benrinnes 11y Batch 10

nose – apple, cinnamon, manure

neat – oily, spicy, chocolate, medicine

finish – thin, heat, chest burn

splash – same but thinner

overall – solid seven point three

Benrinnes 11y Batch 10 Single Malt Scotch – 30ml 49% – $? – Speyside

Try it? Sure. Buy it? Sure.

Cameronbridge is a very longstanding distillery that’s now being used to churn out a lot of shitty blend fodder. Shame, this had promise even if it took a long time.

Cameronbridge 27y Batch 3 – oldest thing i’ve tasted?

nose – subtle leather, fish, hair spray

neat – plastic esters, heat, well constructed but taste is lacking, smoke,

finish – chest warmth, lip tingle, clean

splash – i didn’t

overall – low sevens

Cameronbridge 27y Batch 3 – 30ml 48.9% – ??? – Highlands

Try it? Yes. Buy it? Not with your own money.

Craigellachie is a Dewar’s brand whisky product. Just shittin’, we have a month of Dewar’s coming up once we actually get them reviewed. Craigellachie seems to focus on prime number age expressions at 13, 17 & 23y, making this highly divisible 10y quite the anomaly and not available on their website. What is available is a recommendation that you drink their whisky with pineapple juice.

Craigellachie 10y Batch 6

nose – tomato sauce, sausage, mash

neat – light, sharp but well constructed, wood, salt, iodine

finish – sharp burn, wood smoke

splash – syrupy, sweet but rinkable, just kinda tastes like whisky

overall – 7.7/10

Craigellachie 10y Batch 6 – 30ml 51% – $? – Speyside

Try it? Sure. Buy it? sure.

Fettercairn is another super-old Highland distillery, cranking out the good plonk since 1824. They employ some funky still-cooling technology in making their hooch which makes sense since they’re pumping out 2.2 million litres of the stuff a year.

Fettercairn 11y Batch 6

nose – apples, cherry, leather, hotel lobby

neat – sharp, wood, copper

finish – warmth in the chest, walnut

splash – easier, copper/metal, nice n bright

overall – 8/10

Fettercairn 11y Batch 6 Single Malt Scotch Whisky – 30ml 47.9% – $ – Highlands

Try it? Yes. Buy it? Yes

Glen Elgin is the last of the whisky boom whiskies, and it’s one of the few where our Advent sampler exists anywhere online.

Glen Elgin 12y Batch 5

nose – sharp, sherry, bright, musty apple

neat – syrupy, bright, lemon, meringue

finish – chest warmth and wood

splash – warm and light, creamy, v nice

overall – 8.1/10

Glen Elgin 12y Batch 5 – 49.7% 30ml – $? – Speyside

Try it? Yes! Buy it? Sure.

Glengoyne is one we’ve had quite a few of, so no need to repeat ourselves.

Glengoyne 9y Batch 4

nose – mash, alcohol, hand sanitizer, pear

neat – very sharp, burn, little flavour

finish – sharp burn, cheat warmth after throat burn, tree fruit

splash – not much, hazelnuts?

overall – 4/10

Glengoyne 9y Batch 4 – 51.1% 30ml – $ – Lowlands

Try it? No. Buy it? No.

Glentauchers sounds like a really specific kind of pervert. It’s part of the Borgon & McFlail Whiskyhoarders International brand and so is artificially limited to drive up market share(*)

(*literally none of that is true)

Glentauchers 10y Batch 6

nose – soap, alchohol, mashed berries in another room

neat – simple, wood, the colour red, slight citrus

finish – good heat, chest warm, ear sweats

splash – pretty basic but well constructed. sweet and boozy

overall – 7.2/10

Glentauchers 10y Batch 6 – 47.9% 30ml – $ – Speyside

Try it? Eh. Buy it? Meh.

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