2 Gingers with Dan

IMG_20150125_185430We haven’t had an Irish whiskey in a while (wait.. fact check…woah). We haven’t actually had anything from Ireland since May, and no irish whiskeys for a year and three days. To be fair, there’s not a lot of Irish whiskey options at the LCBO that we haven’t already reviewed – on that note, prepare for a wave of Round 2s.

2 Gingers, aside from a fun weekend, is Suntory Beam product from County Louth in Ireland.  The Cooley Distillery also makes Connemara, Tyrconnell, Grenore & Kilbeggan, of which we’ve reviewed and liked half.

Their whisky is good, but their website is goddamned terrible. They’re looking for market reps across the US right now, and in order to apply, you need to answer these questions:

In one sentence, how would your friends describe you?
A liquid container (aka a BIG GINGER®) is at precisely 50% of its volume, do you see the glass as: half empty, half full, other and why?
Have you tried whiskey before? If so, describe your relationship with it.
Have you ever tried 2 GINGERS®? If so, tell us why you love it (get creative).
You suddenly (and awesomely) have 3 wishes granted to you. What are they?


Makes you hate them, just a little bit, right? Very interesting that any familiarity with either 2 Gingers or whiskey in general seems optional here.  Please feel free to answer these questions in the comments, and we’ll post them in another article. The iScotch application was too cynical, bitter and profanity-laden to be seen as much different from a regular fucking post. Here’s what we thought of the whiskey:

Dan – coppery honey
Simon – deep apple juice

Dan – perfume, floral, slightly sweet
Simon – sherry oak, solvent

Dan – honey, dry, wood, cinnamon burn
Simon – light flavour, neutral, light burn

Dan – afterburn
Simon – lingering film, burn

Dan – much sweeter honey, thicker than neat, no burn
Simon – malt beverage

2 Gingers Irish Whiskey – 40% 750ml – $25.95 – Ireland

Try it? Nah. Buy it? Nah.

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