Elijah Craig 12y Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey with Dan & Alex

Another case of a splash of water making all the difference.  And it’s another case of a slightly overproofed spirit.  It’s possible that my tongue has become accustomed to the 40-43% abv range and anything over that, while fun to drink for other reasons, is simply too overpowering for a true tasting. Anyway, Elijah Wood … Continue reading Elijah Craig 12y Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey with Dan & Alex

Caol Ila 12y with Dan

The unpronounceable Caol Ila (allegedly either ‘cool eye-la’ or ‘cull eela’ depending where you look) is another Malts.com brand, the web presence that covers Talisker, Dalwhinnie, Oban, Lagavulin and a host of other top-end scotches.  Their website is a little confusing, in that they show six different bottles but only detail four, while the LCBO … Continue reading Caol Ila 12y with Dan

The Bowmore Collection

Fun in bite sized form.  Picked up this kit from Bowmore a few months ago and am finally getting around to reviewing it.  As you can see, this Collection includes everyone’s favourite 12y, the 15y Darkest (sherry finish) and the 18y.  Reviews for the 15y and 18y will be forthcoming in the next few days. … Continue reading The Bowmore Collection

Redbreast 12y

I grabbed this and the next bottle of something called “Irish Whiskey” for St Patrick’s day when we threw a little impromptu get together.  My work ethic being what it is its taken me until now to write down some notes. So, obviously, this is not scotch, this is irish whiskey.  Its a pressed malt, … Continue reading Redbreast 12y